Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Books for Texturized Si 9 - 12 Months

Books for Texturized Si 9 - 12 Months

Finger finger poppet more diligent in exploring the small world around them. All objects disentuhnya. She wanted to know the texture of objects that differ. This is the opportunity to play mengarahkannya Texturized books. This finely hone motor and senses touch children. She is also small and the various forms of tesktur

• Texturized Book (you can buy at the bookstore).
• Make your own paste with pieces of cloth, wool, brocade, towels, satin, t-shirts, jeans, korduroy, imitation leather and fur, and the various buttons on the size of a sheet-sheet book.

How to play:
1. Sit poppet in your lap, or he be sitting on the floor carpet.
2. Open book sheets, palpate bimbing child discount clothes Texturized in the book.
3. Give spirit the little finger when he started and touched the cloth.
4. When the hands touch, saying, "Kain is soft. If this is rough.

" Note toy safety:
see children because there is a possibility he tear a book, interesting ribbons or buttons, and enter into the mouth.
The ability terstimulasi: • Classification
• touch
• gross motor
• Talk

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